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We are producing fine handcrafted puppets in our atelier since 1991.

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height 30 cm | 0.4 kg

The Dentist Marionette is one of the funniest characters made by the company Marionettes Rici. Elaborated puppet made in accordance with the traditional method is sweet-faced and jovial smile certainly does not scare anyone. Quite the contrary! Stylish accessories such a large glasses, a white coat and dentist pliers adds the puppet on credibility. And we did not for forget also stylish white galoshes!


  • Control system consists of a rocker, wire and 4 strings and ensures perfect motions and easy playing. 
  • Every single marionette is handmade original, that way it is possible to have a bit different style of used clothing or accessories. In every case we will do our best to find ideal puppet for you.
  • Please mind that a marionette is and instrument at first and its necessary to use it as instrument. Before you will give a violin to your kids you have to explain them how to use it and you should do the same with a puppet as well.


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