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We are producing fine handcrafted puppets in our atelier since 1991.

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Cleaning lady
Cleaning ladyCleaning ladyCleaning ladyCleaning ladyCleaning ladyCleaning lady

Cleaning lady

height 44 cm | 1.5 kg

This puppet represents the cleaners, we know from passages of huge office complexes, where they are usually working, with the bucket and mop. Due to them we have our gleaming floors and shelves without the slightest speck of dust every day. Maid design by Marionettes Rici devoid of kitsch painted lips, expressive blue shadows, red nails, and even that typical bucket with a cloth. Stylish facial expression on her face, then everyone will surely fall in love with this marionette.


  • Control system consists of a rocker and 9 strings and ensures perfect motions and easy playing.
  • Every single marionette is handmade original, that way it is possible to have a bit different style of used clothing or accessories. In every case we will do our best to find ideal puppet for you.
  • Please mind that a marionette is and instrument at first and its necessary to use it as instrument. Before you will give a violin to your kids you have to explain them how to use it and you should do the same with a puppet as well.

Cleaning lady

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