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We are producing fine handcrafted puppets in our atelier since 1991.

Rici Marionettes – puppet manufacture FAQ Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Rici Marionettes

Bellow you can find terms and conditions of our company for shopping on our e-shop on www.marionettes-rici.com or www.marionettesrici.com or www.czechmarionettes.cz, www.ricimarionettes.com (seller), which is operated by:


Lucie Kuklíková


Vratislavova 4/27
12800 Praha - Vyšehrad

Czech Republic


Rici Marionettes
Vratislavova 2/23
12800 Praha - Vyšehrad

Czech Republic

 Company registration number: 87453720

VAT number: CZ8953120011

Reference no.: C 198761/MSPH Městský soud v Praze

(hereinafter Lucie Kuklíková)

These conditions are adjusting the rights and duties of the Seller (Lucie Kuklíková) and the Buyer of our puppets.

Wording of this terms and conditions can be changed or replenished. This regulation has no influence for duties that have been realized before the change.


The Order

The indicated time of the expedition of ordered goods can be extended in dependence on seasonal fluctuations and the availability in our storehouse. The buyer selects goods, completes and submits the order form on our website. This order is proposal is a proposal conclusion of the purchase contract, so by realizing it the buyer agrees with our terms and conditions, so he agree with the return and cancelation policy. Please fill in the all fields in the form of electronic order, only then will your order be valid. The address of delivery is considered the address the buyer writes down in the registration form. Subject to receipt of the purchase price, the buyer is the holder of the goods.

All the orders sold through our e-shop are firm and by its confirmation the buyer confirms by filling in of registration form or completing the order form on our e-shop on www.marionettes-rici.com (www.marionettesrici.com, www.czechmarionettes.cz, www.ricimarionettes.com), that he agrees with gathering of his personal dates about him and his purchases. (This personal dates won’t be provided in any case to another subject and will be used to the realization of your order and for necessary intern operations only).


Payment methods

The amount of the goods and cost of transport in agree with the contract, you can pay by following ways:

  • Cash on delivery: you can pay in cash in your post office or to courier during takeover of the goods (CZ only)
  • Bank transfer: you can pay ordered goods by bank transfer in your bank. Detail information about bank transfer you will see after completion of your order and you will receive it by e-mail as well. Immediately we will receive your payment on our account, we will send ordered goods within 2 working days in case we have ordered puppets in our storehouse.
  • Paypal: To realize your purchase you can you Paypal as well. Immediately we will receive your payment on our account, we will send ordered goods within 2 working days in case we have ordered puppets in our storehouse.
  • Payment by credit card: Not ready yet.
  • In Cash: you can pay personally in our workshop in Pague – address Rici Marionettes (Vratislavova 2/23, Praha - Vyšehrad). (We are not accepting cards)

In case of cancelation of your order or its part by the seller (the goods is unavailable) will be whole amount or its part returned immediately back to the bank account of the buyer (in case of Paypal payment back to the buyer’s Paypal account), from which the amount came unless otherwise stated.



It is buyer’s obligation to check the final price of ordered goods, including shipping charges, all supplements etc. before confirming the order. The shipping charges are based on weight and distance. The fastest and easiest way to find out the cost of the transport is to create an order on the website using the shopping cart that automatically calculates the cost of shipping to final destination worldwide. Unless otherwise stated, we use the services of the Czech post for a shipment of weight less than 2 kg (not in Czech Republic, where we use DPD courier in every case) or DPD courier, for shipment over weight of 2 kg. In the country of destination the transport conditions depends on the local conditions.

  • Czech Republic:  1 - 3 days
  • Slovakia:  2 - 3 days
  • European countries: 5 - 10 days
  • Worldwide: 5 - 15 days



In spite our marionettes are made of high quality and firm materials, we are really dutiful with its packing as well as with its crafting. Each of the puppets is packed in the suitable box stuffed with bubble plastic film to protect them of any damage. Than we pack it (usually twice) in firm cardboard. At the end we stamp it with the “fragile goods” labels and send it to our courier service.

The seller is responsible for the shipment only until the moment the goods are delivered to the delivery company. After the handing-over of the goods to the delivery company, the buyer will be sent an e-mail with a tracking number and a link on which you can track the shipment.

In case your shipping is sent by DPD courier it will there are two attempts in delivering. In case the buyer will be not reached during those 2 attempts, the shipping will be returned back to the seller. In case, the buyer wants to send those shipping again, he is supposed to pay transport cost again.

In case the buyer won’t send ordered shipping again, we inform you, that we will be exact the cost of shipping from him.


Cancellation of an order

The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please contact Rici Marionettes by e-mail at info@marionettes-rici.com within the deadline determined by this act. Please state your reason for cancelling the order. The invoice number must be specified when withdrawing from the contract. The purchase price will be refunded to the buyer in the same manner as that in which it was received by the seller, or according to individual agreement. 

The supplier will assess the state of the returned goods and the buyer shall notify them of the state.

  • The goods must be in their original packaging, undamaged (and unopened?)
  • The goods must not be used or damaged
  • The goods must be complete with accessories
  • The goods must be sent by registered mail and insured (goods sent via a cash order on delivery will not be accepted)
  • In case of withdrawal on part of the seller, the seller is obliged to return any already paid purchase price within a time limit of 30 days from the date of withdrawal.
  • According to Czech law we are entitled to charge the Buyer for actual and documented costs of returning the goods

If the item arrives damaged, we will take the necessary steps to remedy the situation to your satisfaction. If you have paid for insurance of the consignment, please write us via email info@marionettes-rici.com no later than 3 calendar days from the date of receipt of the shipment, including photos of the damaged goods. If your request is accepted by www.marionettes-rici.com, the same conditions applies as it's mentioned above.

These terms and conditions do not relate to goods which have been modified in any way by the buyer. 



Small dissimilarities in the look, hues of paints, size and so on are possible due to 100% hand-crafted artwork. Every single puppet is unique.



The responsibility for defects is covered through the warranty in the warranty conditions. The warranty period starts by the date of receipt of the goods and unless otherwise noted. This period is guaranteed for 24 months. Complaints of goods are governed by the relevant provisions of the Czech Civil Code and the Czech Law on consumer protection. In the event of unrecoverable defects (based on a written assessment from the seller) the goods will be exchanged immediately.

Damage of our marionettes due to frequent use

We note to customers that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the item( or its parts) caused by its frequent use or mechanical damage.

Shorter product life due to frequent use cannot be considered a defect and may not be claimed as such. Thank you for understanding.


Complaints instructions

Please always inspect the shipping ordered before you accept delivery since later complaints cannot be taken into account. In case of any damage that may have occurred to the packaging (creased, ragged...) please fill out and give the courier service the necessary form of shipment damage. In case of potential arguments regarding the bad shipments with the courier service, please disregard this and insist on writing the form. It is your right and theirs obligation. If the recipient notices damage or partial loss of the contents of the items, the consignee must inform the seller about the damage without undue delay after finding out, at the latest within three working days from the date of delivery of the goods via e-mail info@marionettes-rici.com together with the relevant completed claim sheet. Upon receiving of the above, we will start the complaint procedure with the supplier. The supplier is required to settle the claim within 30 days from receiving of the application. We will keep you informed about the decision of the complaint within three days of receiving of the statement of the seller. Unfortunately, we are not obliged to take over responsibility for damages resulting from the operation of the products, functional characteristics and damage from improper use of the products, as well as damage caused by external occurrences and wrong manipulation. Any defects described above are not covered by this warranty.



Please note that www.marionettes-rici.com is primary manufacture and producer of puppets and so it sells its products for wholesale prices to bulk buyers only. All our goods maybe intended for resale. If you would like to become our wholesale customers, you must have a valid VAT number and order a minimum of 30 articles each time. If you are a beginner and you can’t fill all 30 items, please feel free to contact us, we could offer you other conditions to help you start your business.


Special orders

If you have some special request or wishes for your company or some important event, you can request your own design or we can help you modify any of our existing products to suit in your imagination, we are able to ensure this kind of cooperation, when you will be informed about each step and you will be able to make sure that your entry fully corresponds to your request and needs. These proposals are charged individually in accordance with the quantity and intensity of changes.


Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions of our gods correspond with complaints conditions of the seller. 


Other rights and obligations of the contracting parties

The buyer acquires ownership of the goods by payment in full of the purchase price of the goods.

The seller shall not, in relation to the buyer, be bound by any codes of conduct within the meaning of the provisions of Section 1826 (1) e) of the Civil Code.

Handling of consumer complaints shall be performed by the seller via the e-mail address info@marionettes-rici.com Information about handling of the buyer’s complaint shall be sent to the buyer’s e-mail address by the seller.

The authority competent for out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes arising from the purchase contract is the Czech Trade Inspection, with registered office at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2, IČ: 000 20 869 website: https://adr.coi.cz/cs. The platform for online resolution of disputes which can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr can be used for resolution of disputes between the seller and the buyer arising from the purchase contract.


Personal data protection policy

We are the Rici Marionettes e-shop, operated Lucie Kuklíková - Rici Marionettes, Vratislavova 4/27, Praha 2, 128 00, IČO: 87453720, VAT number: CZ8953120011 and because we would like to process your order correctly, we need to know your name, surname, delivery and invoicing address, telephone number and e-mail address, and where applicable, commercial details such as your company ID number, VAT number and company name. We do this because the GDPR allows us to do so in the provisions of Art. 6 (1) b), due to performance of a contract. We will process your personal details for the period of time it takes to process your order and for a further 10 years, this being due to the fact that the tax regulations order us to do so. After this statutory period has expired, your data will be deleted.

Rici Marionettes undertakes to technically and organisationally ensure protection of processed personal data in such a way that no unauthorised or accidental access to data occurs, that this data is not altered, destroyed or lost, transferred in an unauthorised manner or otherwise processed in an unauthorised manner and that such data is not otherwise misused.