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We are producing fine handcrafted puppets in our studio since 1991

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height 32 cm | 0.5 kg

The most famous puppet in the world, that's Pinocchio. A puppet of a little boy with a long nose is not hard to find in almost any shop that sells puppets. We also have several variations of him, but this one is definitely the most sophisticated of them.

The nose, ears, hat and other wooden parts of this little guy were oiled after the first stage of production, so that the puppet is nicely protected and will last for many years as if it was new. We put a spark of childlike naivety in his eyes with a brush, and we dressed his tiny figure in pants with leather suspenders, on which we hand‑sewed tiny buttons. It must be added that, precisely because of his small size, working on him was often quite a challenge, but we still managed to design him from a technical point of view so that he could move almost by himself. Thanks to this, even amateur players will have a lot of fun with him, for example for a family home theater.

Your children may end up enjoying it so much that one day they will also play their theatre play to their children. And their children might play their theatre play to their children again. And so on…

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