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We are producing fine handcrafted puppets in our studio since 1991

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height 50 cm | 1.5 kg

The original idea that contributed to the creation of this puppet was to create a pair of opposites. A couple that can naturally balance any situation you throw at them. And so, the Optimist was born, and right after him, his friend the Choleric. We have to admit that we are happy that the Optimist puppet is selling much more than the Choleric, which proves that there are more optimists in the world.

Whether you brighten up your gloomy days with the Optimist or give it to an eternally grumpy friend, you can count on the hand‑painted joy on his face. We also tailored typical "grandfather's" corduroys for him, and a wool vest in the color of the bright sun. As a new feature, we have also created blinking eyes for him, which make him seem more lifelike. Do you also feel the rush of optimistic energy?

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