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We are producing fine handcrafted puppets in our atelier since 1991.

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About us

The Founder and owner Richard Kuklík, today ranks among the leading Czech manufacturer of top-operated puppets - marionettes. Richard himself for life has gone through several different crafts, which he helped develop the all-round talent. But in the end it was his love of carving, art and respect for the ancient tradition that led him to manufacture puppets. Therefore, in his studio, near the beautiful and legendary Vysehrad, he gathered around him a few friends and artisans who succumbed to the magic of the ancient art of puppetry and over time built up from small workshops stable and prosperous society we have today. However we continue our marionettes manufactured entirely by hand according to traditional and time-honored process and attention to detail, color matching and the ability to solve technical problems with our painters, puppeteers and seamstresses necessity. Studio Marionettes Rici today produces some of the finest and highest quality marionettes by us and by sophisticated details and a wholly handiwork each original puppet with a personality and charm, supporting an endless fairytale fantasy. Currently we supply puppets in more than 45 countries worldwide and the demand for our great joy neustálle still growing and expanding its range of other puppets.

Used Materials

We are still making our puppets in respect to the old tradition of Czech puppetry, but nowadays we are using modern technologies as well. Body, shoes (in some puppets) and the guiding system are made of high quality Czech wood. For the other parts we are using our special material as only puppet manufacture worldwide, which is mixture of resins and paraffin. It is firmer than plaster (commonly used by other companies) and it is 100% non toxic. All components are made in our workshop or delivered by the craft masters of various regions of Czech Republic. All our marionettes are hand painted with amazing details, so they look realistic and every single piece is original, just because of personal style of every artist. 

Safe Transport and Package

Every marionette is dispatched in its box, fine packed top protect the goods on its way to you. For better transportatione are our puppets suplied in two parts with detached head. For completation its enough to slide the head up the wire and than hook it to the "neck eyelet" of the marionette and you are done.


Every single marionette is handmade original, thats way its possible to have a bit diferent style of used clothing or accesories. In every case we will do our best to find ideal puppet for you.