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We are producing fine handcrafted puppets in our atelier since 1991.

Puppet´s Story

Welcome in the world of Czech puppets. The world where the puppets are still handcrafted, with quality and respect for an old tradition of Czech puppetry, nature and other circumstations.

The story of our puppets has been written by their author and founder of Rici Marionettes – Mr. Richard Kuklík nearly 30 years before. So, he has continued in a long-standing Czech tradition of producing puppets, which is still well-known all over the world. Every marionette is created in our puppetry downhill the Vyšehrad by the hands of Czech craftsmen and puppeteers and so every single puppet is an original. Recently we have enriched our former concept of puppet manufacture with new e-shop platform, where you can find our artistic marionettes and from now and so far we also started to organize DIY workshops for children and adults.

And Why Do We Do It All the Way?

We believe that nowadays, in cybernetization times, makes this work even more and more sense. Our philosophy is clear - We want make people to play again, truly and together.

Buy Your Marionette

Enter our E-Shop and choose your own puppet, which brings a lot of happiness to you, your children or to yours loved ones. You can use our marionettes as an original gift too. You can find there a rich offer of marionettes representing both, our fantasy and the classic characters. The self-standing category represent puppets of different professions and we cannot forget the fairytale creatures that will appreciate your children at first.

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No plans for a weekend? Come and try something original and create your unique version of some puppet. You can use it as an original decoration of your home or you can use it as a special handmade gift. Choose from our current Workshops. It will be our pleasure to welcome you in our atelier and help you to develop your artistic talent.

Offer of workshops

Wholesale, Orders and Excursions

We produce puppets for wholesales and abroad sales. We cooperate with puppet stores all over the world. We produce custom-made marionettes for different projects or events as an original gift for your employees. We also offer you an excursion to our workshop downhill the Vyšehrad castle. Are you interested in something and want more information? Do not hesitate and contact us!