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Traditional handmade marionettes

The original Czech puppets directly from our manufacture with amazing details.

Rici Marionettes – puppet manufacture FAQ Transport cost

Transport cost

The fastest and easiest way to learn the cost of transport is to create an order using shopping cart. Transport cost of your goods will be calculated automatically so you can see the price of shipping to the destination country automatically. You don’t pay any packing charges.

Unless otherwise noted we are sending the shipping using services of Czech Post for the small shipping up to 2 kg and DPD courier company for 2 kg and heavier. Delivery date is counted from the expedition of goods till the delivery to the buyer in the country of final destination and depends on local conditions.

  • Czech Republic: 1 - 3 days
  • Slovakia: 2 - 4 days
  • Europe: 5 - 15 days
  • Worldwide: 5 - 20 days



In spite our marionettes are made of high quality and firm materials, we are really dutiful with its packing as well as with its crafting. Each of the puppets is packed in the suitable box stuffed with bubble plastic film to protect them of any damage. Than we pack it (usually twice) in firm cardboard. At the end we stamp it with the “fragile goods” labels and send it to our courier service. Packing charges is for free for you, because we want to protects our marionettes as best as we can. They are like our kids anyway.