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Collection Basic | height cca. 24 cm | 0.3 kg

This lovely marionette puppet, does not represent any special character. He is the personification "rascal" of Vysehrad, who were running in our street early last century, they played marbles and stealing each other's buttons. The whole marionette is hand-painted including precisios-carved wooden booties and stylish clothing. There are also details such as a slingshot or a patch on his knee. 


  • Control system consists of a rocker, wire and 4 strings and ensures perfect motions and easy playing. 
  • Every single marionette is handmade original, that way it is possible to have a bit different style of used clothing or accessories. In every case we will do our best to find ideal puppet for you.
  • Please mind that a marionette is and instrument at first and its necessary to use it as instrument. Before you will give a violin to your kids you have to explain them how to use it and you should do the same with a puppet as well. 


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