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Collection Funimal

Fine puppets of animals and mythological creatures.
Lenght: 45 cm
Weight: 0,75 kg

The only puppet in this section is a mythical dragon. Her three precisious-made and hand-painted heads are enjoying every movement. Each of the heads is hangs on a separate thread. For comfortable control of the puppet, we have developed special control that allows users to conveniently control all of its heads and wings as well. Thanks to this details you can really feel like you are taking part in a fairy tale or some fantasy story.

Dragon head and body are made of our special material and other components such a necks and tail are made of quality wood, stained in the green. The marionette is hand-painted. The wings are made of high quality leather to look like real. The puppet is controled with five threads only, held from above on the wooden control. Our marionettes are dispatched in the box, fine packed to protect the goods on its way to you so you can use it as a gift. 

Puppets of collection Funimal

Dragon Dragon
Funimal | height cca. 45 cm | 0.9 kg

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